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Next Builders is a startup and investor community on Slack. This community is designed to help builders, founders, and investors connect, share advice, and ask questions.

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Code of Conduct

To maintain a helpful and inclusive environment for our founders and builders, we ask that all community members adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Be Respectful

Always be supportive and helpful to other community members.

2. Keep it in the community

Next Builders is a safe space for startup founders to ask questions and share their POV. These conversations must stay within the confines of the community.

3. Absolutely No Selling

This community is strictly for founders and builders to connect and learn from each other. If anyone reaches out to you trying to solicit a product, to push a survey for company purpose, etc., notify an Next admin.

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Dedicated channels for recruiting, amplification, and networking allow you to leverage the breadth of our network to help build your startup.

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Samsung Next is a team of founders, investors, and operators spanning every discipline. Let us know how we can be helpful.

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We bring in advisors and investors from all over the world for you to engage and ask questions.

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4. Participate and Contribute!

The quality and usefulness of this community depends on you.

  • Ask questions
  • Answer questions
  • Engage in (respectful) discourse

We encourage you to help lead the conversation! This community is a forum to engage with other knowledgeable professionals — think of it as a place to discuss strategies, ask questions, share insights, provide mentorship, etc.

At Next Builders, we're building a helpful community of founders and builders and we can't do that without you! In addition to contributions from community members like yourself, here's what you can expect: